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After years of being involved in meetings, volunteer development, and church staff work, I’ve always wanted to have a simple, one sheet print out that could be helpful in passing along to others in my circles.  Links are helpful, but too easily set aside.  Books are great, but too easily overwhelming.  So, this site is for one page PDF’s of topics that will be helpful springboard as you lead staff, develop leaders and move the ball down the field in your church! To be shared only with leaders in your church. Thanks.

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ministry leaders





5 Little Known Tips For Guest Service Teams At Any Church

Jesus’ Style of Recruiting 

7 Church Leadership Tips from Bill Easum

6 Thought Processes for Ministry Leaders

Six Steps For Turning Your Church Around


worship ministry





Ten Things Every Congregation Wants Their Worship Leaders To Know

Five Ways Worship Leaders Pastor

Sound Check Protocol For Worship Leaders

14 Thoughts About Worship Song Transitions









10 Ways to Give Away Ministry to Students 

Best Kept Secret In Student Ministry


childre and family ministry





10 Ways to Find and Keep Volunteers in Children’s Ministry 

5 Rules For Ministry Leaders 

A Model For Children’s Ministry Leaders From Acts 8

Three Ways To Keep Disciple In Children’s Ministry



staff devotions

If you haven’t already, pick up the Church Staff Leadership Development Resource – Simple, printable development lessons for your church staff team – each one has a quote, action list, prayer, scripture, thought and questions for discussion.  Designed to be used for the first 15 minutes of your church staff meeting!














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