The Purpose of Beautiful U

I am getting ready to be a part of an event tomorrow called Beautiful U Girls Conference.  I am looking forward to it.  There are girls, mom’s, and female ministry leaders from all over the state and region who are attending!  It’s going to be a day of worship, experience stations and connections with others.

There are lots of girly things – chocolate fountains, polka-dot themed refreshments, nails, hair, homemade cards, etc. There are also some other things that aren’t necessarily considered girly such as woodworking, BBQ for lunch and more.  I’m thrilled to be leading worship for the day – and besides me, the rest of the worship and planning team is girls.

But the overarching goal is for girls to get a quiet and deep sense that a life lived in the transforming power of Jesus is what makes us content, confident and beautiful.

As with all my disclaimers about these weekend conferences (this will be the seventh event we have hosted in the last eleven weeks) my goal is for this weekend to be a tool.  This is our second year for the Beautiful U Girls Conference and I know that these things have a life span – it may go for 5 years, it may go for 20.  But, the goal isn’t to have a conference, the goal is to help people experience God’s love and to share with them the hope found in Jesus.

I have to confess, that I am growing ever more excited about the times when we get to host these in Troy, IL – right at home!  It’s much more work than going someplace else, but it’s fun to be at home.

Another footnote is that I am looking forward to a time when my daughters can attend something like this.

Finally, I want to make sure I say a thank you in advance to everyone who is helping this event come together!  It’s great to have your partnership.  Pray with me for fruit that will last in the lives of these teachable young women.


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