Kids Music During Quarantine

I’ve led worship for kids on numerous occasions. It’s always really cool to see kids engage in action and motions as well as sing with all their hearts on the songs that don’t include motions.

Maybe it’s obvious, but children model for the church a childlike faith of total surrender and openness in worship. If they’re moved, they express it. Around middle school age (though different for every personality type) kids start thinking about their actions and sort of rethink how they act in public worship settings, but until then, they are all in for worshiping God authentically, honestly and openly. (On a side note, we want to keep helping those students learn to worship, but it’s just in different ways).

Music can be a huge part of this engagement and invitation. One of the things I’ve missed during the quarantine has been the kids conferences. Each spring we gather 700-800 kids and leaders for a day of worship! Another thing our ministry is bummed about is the fact that so many of the kids camps are cancelled this summer. We understand, but it’s still sad.

We’re not sure how you’re doing music worship with your kids in this new digital only world. but we’d love to help. We’ve created a simple, acoustic, authentic thirteen minute video to play during your next lesson or “gathering” with your kids ministry. During this video my daughter joins me to help lead the motions and we filmed it much like it might be if we were sitting with your kids in person.

Download this video and give it a try! And send us feedback. We envision this video being played before your story or lesson, or potentially being sent to the families in your church children’s ministry (though we ask that the link it only emailed and not shared on social media).

Thank you for your ministry with kids!

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