Hold up your end of the bargain – lead effective meetings.

meetingsIf you have called a meeting and are leading it, then hold up your end of the bargain. Maximize time and effectiveness of the people around the table.  Earn a reputation for being a quality leader in meetings.  Here are a few thoughts:

1) Let people know about the meeting with plenty of lead time.  Give people a chance to schedule the meeting in their calendar.

2) Remind them about the meeting date and time as it gets closer.  It’s kind to remind them about the meeting, just in case.

3) Start and end when you say you will.   It’s always good to give the people the gift of five minutes.  When you end a meeting 5 minutes early, people typically have a little more freedom to connect with each other before leaving.  And if you begin on time, you will gain a reputation for beginning on time.  People will begin to live up to it.  Music rehearsal are notorious for going over time.  Do your best to start and end on time.

4) Be sure there is a clear cut agenda and reason for the meeting.  This is an important part to getting things accomplished.

5) Be prepared.  Do you need material printed?  Displayed?  Do you need to have reports ready?  What will help the meeting be more effective. If you are leading rehearsals – have all the music copied and ready to go.

6) Don’t waste time.  Time wasters range from getting off topic to discussing, at length, an issue where facts aren’t clear.

7) Invest in community.  No matter how much work you may need to accomplish, people have the need to belong.  Ask questions about how people are doing.  Find out where people are coming from, how they have been, etc.  Be efficiently relational – obviously you can’t use all the time with chit chat, but investing a few minutes will increase the emotional connection that will make the overall outcome more beneficial.

If you do these things, over time your meetings will be well attended, effective and fun.


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