History of The Well

As I have been driving around, meeting with youth ministry leaders from all styles, sizes and brands of churches, I have been encouraged and inspired.  There are a ton of youth ministry leaders around our state – volunteer and paid – who are all about seeing young lives transformed by the power of the gospel.

I want to thank Christine Fuesz, Suzanne Price and Kim Przybylski for thier work in administrative aspects of the events.  I also want to thank the host churches and hospitality teams for hosting The Well this fall. A special thanks to the local youth pastors who helped in the leadership of each event.  I also want to thank Hertz Rental Car for the  free day rentals used toward connecting with and equipping youth ministry leaders!  You guys are great.

While driving,  I have had time to think about the history of  The Well and where we have been over the years. We just completed the eighth season and here are some facts:

Past Locations For The Well

  1. Troy, IL (Troy UMC)
  2. Carbondale, IL (Wesley Foundation)
  3. Bloomington, IL (Wesley UMC)
  4. Marion, IL (Aldersgate UMC)
  5. Jacksonville, IL (First Baptist Church)
  6. Peoria, IL (Redeemer Lutheran Church)
  7. E. Moline, IL (First Baptist Church)
  8. Mt. Vernon, IL (Central Christian Church)
  9. O’Fallon, IL (First UMC)
  10. Belleville, IL (St. Matthew)
  11. Bethalto, IL (First UMC)
  12. Neoga, IL (UMC)
  13. Mattoon, IL (First Baptist Church)
  14. Savoy, IL (Savoy UMC)
  15. Vincennes, IN (First Baptist Church)
  16. Mt. Carmel, IL (UMC)
  17. Clinton, IL (First UMC)
  18. Chatham, IL (Sugarcreek)
  19. Springfield, IL (First UMC)
  20. Springfield, IL (Elliot Avenue Baptist Church)
  21. Decatur, IL (First Baptist Church)
  22. Springfield, IL (Cherry Hills Baptist Church)
  23. Dwight, IL (First UMC)
  24. Alton, IL (Main Street)
  25. St. Louis, MO (Webster Groves Church)
  26. Salem, IL (Grace UMC)
  27. Lawrenceville, IL (First UMC)
  28. Galesburg, IL – First UMC
  29. Normal, IL (ISU Wesley Foundation)
  30. Effingham, IL (Centenary)
  31. Nashville, IL (Grace UMC)
  32. Godfrey, IL (First UMC)
  33. Pittsburg, IL (Free Will Baptist)

Past Speakers For The Well

  1. Hal Hamilton
  2. Ricky Spindler
  3. Mark Ambrose
  4. Greg Groves
  5. Sarah Wanck
  6. Chuck Hilman
  7. Lee Willis, Jr.
  8. Pat McKenna
  9. Duke Hampsch
  10. Luan Warren
  11. Dave Plemons
  12. Amber Moore
  13. Steven Wiseman
  14. Mike Solomon
  15. Brad Curtis

Key leadership who have helped make The Well happen:

  1. Suzanne Price
  2. Christine Fuesz
  3. Angie Blumenstock (help get it off the ground when it first began)
  4. Hal Hamilton
  5. Katie Murbarger
  6. Kim Przybylski
  7. Staff and Leades at the host churches
  8. Staff and vollunteers at Troy UMC (where I serve on part-time staff)

Denominations Represented At The Well Over The Years

  1. United Methodist
  2. Nazarene
  3. Free Methodist
  4. American Baptist
  5. Missionary Baptist
  6. Free Will Baptist
  7. Southern Baptist
  8. Assembly of God
  9. Reformed church
  10. Evangelical Free Church
  11. Catholic
  12. United Church of Christ
  13. Congregational Church
  14. Presbyterian (PCUSA)
  15. Cumberland Presbyterian
  16. Lutheran (Missouri Synod)
  17. Evangelical Lutheran
  18. Church of the Brethern
  19. General Baptist

If you would be interested in the requirements for hosting The Well, email harvest@harvestconferences.org.  If you woud like to host a training specific to your youth ministry leadership team, email tim@harvestministryteams.com.


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