Video Series: Session 4 Notes



Session 4 Video Summary:

  • Fourth Concept:  Raising Expectation
  • Raise expectations for yourself – for your leadership, for your work, for your discipline, for your life.
  • Example:  Someone challenged me to read a book a week, so I did.
  • Raise expectations for your team.
  • Don’t assume people want to come in and do the minimal amount. But call people to BIG!  Something they can really take part in and serve big.
  • Just because you’re a volunteer leader doesn’t mean there aren’t (or doesn’t need to be) expectations for your role.
  • Raise expectations for our students.
  • Invite students to invest in something that will outlast their lives.
  • Older students will either leave or lead.  Set the expectation that they will lead as they grow.
  • Raise expectation for your church.
  • Help the congregation see their role in student ministry.
  • Grid of low expectation / high expectation
  • The top grid is where disciples are made.


  1. What stood out for you in this session?
  2. What are the expectations of our students – what do we expect them to do in order to be fully involved?
  3. What is the expectation of our volunteer teams and leaders?
  4. What do have as expectations for yourself as you serve in this ministry?
  5. What are your expectations of me (the leader of the ministry)?
  6. “Older students will either lead or leave”  What are your thoughts regarding this?
  7. What are some of the ways we could use “expectations” to help keep students engaged?


  1. Design a prayer calendar for your church to pray – raise the expectation for your congregation regarding student ministry.
  2. Design a special event (or a t-shirt, or a gift card or something) that students who have completed X get to be a part of or receive.
  3. Document some expectations for students as you approach your next mission trip or event.  Ideas may include:1) memorize this verse of scripture 2) attend worship this number of times 3) attend this training in order 4) turn in these papers, etc in order to attend the trip.
  4. Raise the expectations of your own leadership by determining an area of growth you need to work on and take steps to improve and grow.

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