Video Series: Session 3 Notes


Session 3 Video Summary:

  • Third Concept:  Community of Participants
  • 3 Ways:  Home (parent to child), Peer ( friend to friend) and World (Community to student)
  • Model for student ministry is for the church, as a whole, to help form and shape students into disciples.
  • Our job as youth workers is to help connect faithful adults to be connected to students.
  • Tug O War analogy
  • How to develop a community of participants:  celebrate
  • Help the students connect to the pastor of the church – invite the pastor to come talk with students.
  • Pastors get a special word from students to work into sermon on Sunday.
  • Once a month breakfast in the homes of the church members
  • Build a framework…
  • Pastor must catch the vision. People must catch the vision.  Students will catch the vision.  It’s not just you leading in their lives, you’re leading the way for many Christian leaders to speak into their lives.
  • Make developing a community of participants a priority.


  1. What stood out for you in this session?
  2. Who are the community of participants for our students?
  3. What are some ways we could increase the level of community of participants in the lives of students here at church?
  4. The tug of war analogy: Do you feel like part of the team pulling for kids?  Does it feel like we’re winning?


  1. Make a list of all the ways students can come in contact with Christian adults during the week.
  2. Help build some opportunities for adults in your church to connect with kids – design a breakfast in the home schedule, or create something similar.
  3. Work on your clarity for your vision – and start sharing that in simple ways every chance you get – in print, online and in speech.
  4. Pray for those people who have influence with the students in your church.
  5. Send a note to someone who you recognize is on your side in connecting with students!
  6. Partner with people who are serving in ministry to students in other ways.

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