Video Series: Session 2 Notes


Session 2 Video Summary:

  • We give God glory and credit for all that God is doing in our ministry together.
  • Second Session Word:  Incarnational Ministry
  • Definition of Incarnation
  • We model how Jesus came to us – Phil 2 – we must have the same attitude as Jesus, taking on the humble position.
  • We have an opportunity to go where kids are.
  • Famous picture – the word became flesh.  It’s a powerful reminder for each of us.  We must go where kids are.
  • Most students will remember more about what is said while we walk with them, than when we are standing in front of them.
  • The whole team, not just the lead youth worker, must go where kids are.
  • It’s not easy to step out of our organized adult life into the world of teenagers.
  • Story: God answers:  “You can leave, but I’m staying.”
  • Practical ideas for engaging in incarnational ministry:  hunting vs fishing; gifts; social media; phones…
  • Our job is to leave where we are and go to them. It’s what Jesus did for us.  Incarnational ministry.



  1. What stood out for you in this session?
  2. In what ways are we already “going to where kids are?”
  3. What would it look like if we took incarnational ministry seriously for the next 60 days?
  4. How can social media, texting and other online connections make this easier?
  5. In what ways can the whole church get involved in this process?



  1. Make a list of all the places the students are in your community.
  2. Make a list of all the possible ways you could go to them. (visit the brainstorm of the list we made during the training event)
  3. Decide on a practical way your team will be incarnational this week.
  4. How will you use social media and devices to connect to students this week? Be intentional, but don’t get too caught up in the process – just connect with students!

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