Video Series: Session 1 Notes


Session 1 Video Summary:

  • Tim’s calling in ministry, to help serve and partner with student ministry workers from around the region.
  • Explanation of video sessions and prayer
  • Credit to two books (by Duffy Robbins and David Olshine)
  • First word is “Stirring”
  • Strong leaders must desire for kids lives to be changed, to be disciples.
  • Leadership is not about making kids happy or keeping church families happy, but our hearts must be broken for lost students.
  • Our church, as a whole, must have a broken heart for students and families.
  • 70-80% of students will leave when they graduate never to come back to church.
  • Our culture is changing – Christianity is no longer the default.
  • Too often, we think of the adult church as where the action is, but it’s really the 18 and under crowd we need to focus on.
  • Only 4% of this generation will remain connected to their church and their faith.
  • We must have a stirring among our leadership teams and churches to be moved, that God would break our hearts and stir our hearts for ministry to this generation.
  • Parable of the talents – we must not bury the talent, but we must invest and take a risk with what God has given us.
  • Story of changing a long standing program in our church and focusing on student ministry.



  1. What stood out for you in this session?
  2. What will it take to see a stirring in the hearts of our team?  In the hearts of the church?  In your heart?
  3. Is our ministry too ingrown? Are we more concerned with students we have here or with students we need to meet?
  4. In what way are we taking risks with what God has given to us?  Are we being faithful?
  5. What could it look like if our congregation took seriously the call to reach young people?


  1. Begin an intentional season of prayer that God would break the hearts of you and your team. Maybe this would be over the next month or the next sixty days.  This could be in the form of a prayer wall, a prayer calendar or something on social media for your team and congregation.
  2. Brainstorm ways to help your congregation begin to understand or experience the needs for student ministry in your community.
  3. Pray that God would stir your heart for students in your region.

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