Five Important Things That Never Go Out of Style In Ministry

Suits for many modern preachers have become obsolete. Overhead projectors were once used by churches, Short choruses from the 1980’s are almost non-existent and many people don’t know the definition of a hymnal. Colors have changed in church buildings. Weddings are often held outside the church. Styles will always come and go.

However, some things will never go out of style in ministry. Here are five of them:


It may seem obvious, but prayer is the bedrock to ministry and a life of faith. Prayer accomplishes a work that will never be accomplished otherwise. Fruit from a prayerful ministry will be abundant. 

Personal Connection & Love

Jesus loved people and connected to them on a personal level. He called them by name. He looked them in the eye. He asked questions. He loved them. Even in an age of online services and other digital mediums (all of which have their place), the close geographical and personal interaction will be the primary and most preferred medium for connection.


People always respond to food. Friendships are built around sharing meals together, whether lunch in a restaurant, refreshments during a large group gathering, or dessert in your home. Jesus used meals as memory makers and markers for his disciples. He also used them as a time for his disciples to serve and experience miracles, such as the feeding of the five thousand. Never underestimate the power of food in your ministry.


The methods of reaching people may change, but Scripture will always remain constant. You can never go wrong teaching, speaking, reading, meditating, memorizing, singing, digesting, sharing, and loving God’s Holy Word.

Calling People to a Deeper Walk of Faith

No matter their age, your ministry constituents need an invitation to take the plunge into faith. Call them to follow Jesus. Give them opportunities to live the life of a believer. Ask them to commit. Jesus gave his disciples opportunities to declare – “Who do you say that I am?” Make creating disciples your priority.


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