Church Staff Questions: Who can help?

This question has been asked in our staff meetings on a regular basis.  Different members of the staff want ideas of people “who can help” with a certain aspect of ministry or a needed role.  We pray for people to be plugged in.  We have lots of people who are involved. And our church is blessed with a huge group of people who are committed, ready and willing to serve. But there are always needs to be met.   Through prayer, meeting people and friendships with people, new strengths and gifts are uncovered all the time.  However, the needs for ministry roles will always be there and will continue to grow.

Here’s one recent example.  Our youth ministry department needs another student ministry Sunday School Teacher. Currently, there are four classes for students.  A Jr. High and Sr. High class at 9:00 am and a Jr. High and Sr. High Class at 10:30 am.  The youth pastor could potentially do one of the classes.  It’s not that it can’t be done. But the job of the staff isn’t to do the ministry, but to help equip, encourage, and support the congregation as they serve in ministry in those ways.  Even if a staff person wanted to be the Sunday School Teacher, that person would still need at least three other leaders to make each Sunday happen effectively – if the church has a vision to expand.

It’s a prime example into the world of a church staff during a meeting – seeing the need, sensing the pressure to help make it happen. Knowing they can’t do it alone.  Desiring to see the big picture, the vision of what could be.  And trying to balance that with the structure, history and reality of the church.  The complexities of building a team, leading people where they need to be, not just where they want to be, and balancing all this with everyday life stuff puts most church staff leaders on a constant learning curve.

One school of thought is that if no one is rising to leadership, then that ministry can be set aside for a season.  It’s worth considering.  If no one is available to lead, should the class even be happening?  Maybe time should be spent on something besides four different student ministry Sunday school hours.  Those are great issues for a church to wrestle with and discover for themselves.

The question remains, who will help?  Is there someone gifted in your congregation for this specific purpose for this season? Do you believe that? Are you patient?  Are you confident? Can you see if working out?  Does anyone come to mind who would be great for the role or ministry?  Have you prayed for them?  Have you invited them?  Have you said “no” for people before even approaching them?  Have you structured the ministry in such a way that it can become a team effort – not relying on just one person for the long haul?  Are you still having fun in your ministry – even with the pressure of week to week needs?


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