Champion the Culture You Want To Build

Ministry leaders must become the chief culture drivers in their churches. Whether you are the pastor, a staff member, or a leader in your organization, you must be the champion for the culture you want to build. (In a previous post, I outlined ten questions that help you clarify the culture you’re trying to build in this season.)

Culture has a significant impact on how you lead and interact with others. Culture influences whether or not you accomplish your mission and vision. You have little chance of accomplishing your mission and vision if your culture works against it.

You must become the chief culture driver to lead your organization the right direction.

Consider your current culture:

  • If your current culture is screaming that “pastors” and “hired staff” are the only ones qualified to do the ministry, you will never be able to equip the saints. Jesus called everyone to be the church. You are helping to accomplish this work with and through others.
  • If your current culture is all about saving money with a scarcity mindset, you’ll never be able to accomplish the ministry that always requires some degree of risk. Jesus harshly scolded the one who buried the talent.
  • If your current culture is focused on looking inward: valuing the institution, traditions, building, and friendships among members; looking outward and bringing in guests will be difficult.

Becoming a culture driver must resonate with you, in both ministry and your personal life. You must live it, share it, work on it, and include your leaders in on it.

Whether you’re serving in a church with a staff or volunteers, you may need to build the culture of prayer first, sabbath each week, 100% of work when you’re on, and 100% home when you’re off. You may need to build inviting people to serve, responding quickly to communication, or being an encourager on social media into your culture. Whatever culture you want to build, you are the one to help shape it from the get-go.

As a culture driver:

  1. You are never too old to start living into and changing your culture.
  2. You must begin with those closest to you and let it trickle from there.
  3. You must be patient.
  4. You must take daily action toward the culture you want to build.

I’ve just finished reading a book called Culture Is The Way (c) 2023 by Matt Mayberry. You pick up a copy or listen here for free with an Audible trial / subscription.

Here’s the previous post I mentioned: Instill a new Culture into the Hearts of Your People

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