Busyness and Spiritual Decay

In many ways, it’s been unfortunate for life to slow down so much as we’ve experienced this pandemic and quarantine. In other ways, I’ve been realizing just how much busyness robs us, or maybe just numbs our spiritual lives.

Desperation often turns us to God.

For ministry leaders, we’ve experienced a digital apocalypse (as my brother calls it). On a varied scale, instantly leaders have become busy creating, digitizing, videoing, recording, sharing, posting, connecting virtually and the list goes on. The work flow has changed. Meetings are cancelled or online. The regular schedule has been shifted and changed at least in some way for all of us.

I’ve been reading What Matter’s Most by Doug Fields. His words about busyness are powerful.

I was too busy for God, but figured God would understand because I was busy for Him! But I lost something spiritually. I didn’t become an atheist, but I sacrificed my intimacy with God for idols of busyness, achievement, and making people happy. While others were applauding my “success,” I was an empty shell in spiritual atrophy.

Doug Fields

Maybe the tiny silver lining in all this is an opportunity to refocus. With a little more time – or at least redirected time – we can get the priority straight once again. Ministry flows from our lives to the degree we are connected to and in communion with Jesus. (John 15)

And who knows what might change on the other side of this pandemic. What if some things we had on our plate really don’t make the difference we thought?

We do know this… that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Phil 1:6)

Pray hard for your church, your home and your ministry. Keep being sharp and shrewd, utilizing everything at our disposal to reach people and share the gospel.

But fight the busyness that creates spiritual decay tooth and nail. Stay in love with God.

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