Break It Down: Adaptablity… a key to success.

With a two year old in the house, our little Black & Decker version of the Dirt Devil gets a work out every time we have a meal.

I bent down the other day to vacuum up a bbq chip after lunch, but it was too large to go into the vacuum intake.  Instead of just picking it up with my hand I crunched into smaller pieces using the head of the vacuum.  Breaking it apart made a bigger mess for a moment, but then was cleaned up immediately.

And like the moment Doc Brown hit his head and came up with the flex capacitor in November of 1955, the idea for the idea this blog came into existence.

Hule Goddard said that this generation of leaders will have to learn to breakdown and rebuild their framework several times over their lifetime. Different than the previous generations who began in a career or industry and stuck with a similar pattern all their lives, this generation will be tearing it down and rebuilding, all while continuing to work in it.

What do we need to break apart in our own work, ministry, organization or life so that we are more easily able to adapt and be effective?

I often wish I could put everything on hold for two months while I redesign the vision statement, raise funds, learn a new discipline or art, get my office or home organized, or redesign the company brand.   But since I can’t just stop everything, I have to learn to break it down so it’s easy to accomplish in bite sized segments and transition to the new way as I am in the middle of it.

Every situation is so unique in this regard that this short blog can only scratch the surface. But here are some thoughts:

Speak good words – especially to yourself. 

The words we say to ourselves really sink in.  Do you ever hear yourself saying these phrases, “I’m not a detail person” or “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” or “There I did it again – that was stupid.”  Replace those with something else – almost anything else is better than that.  We all have thoughts about what we do – make them good ones.

Be Flexible

Those are unable to be flexible will break.  You have be willing to let little things go and roll with the punches.  Life is not usually neat and tidy – for anyone.

Start with a small portion of what you are trying to do.

Pretty standard stuff – but don’t try to take on a whole new change at once.  Start with one aspect.   Set a large goal and then accomplish one part of it.  For something as simple as cleaning off your desk – start with one drawer at the end of your lunch break.  For something as large as wanting to begin a new business – set a meeting with your bank about what they require before you can get a loan.

Connect with someone.

Sometimes, telling someone your idea is a great way to get yourself motivated.  Or maybe there is someone you know with expertise in a certain area.  Need a new logo for your organization?  Need to freshen up the look of your communication?  Ask someone how to do it or to help you.  Don’t be afraid to learn and grow in that area.

Have fun with it. 

Do you see that your life needs organized?  Start with your work space.  Pick a time block that you will go through stuff and make it nice.  Get a plan together to keep it that way.  Remember, you don’t have to begin this new thing, you get to!

Jesus says, in Rev 21:5 that He is making all things new.

We can count on him to make the changes in our lives, the structure of our lives and the way we view life.  He does make things new!


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