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Interested in serving with Harvest for Weekend Ministry?

Harvest invests many weekends serving as worship leaders for churches, communities and events all over Illinois and the midwest.

Would you be interested in being a part of the ministry? There are opportunities for drummers, bass players, electric guitar players, other instrumentalists, vocalists, and tech ministry.


How to Get Started

Connect with Tim Price, Director of Harvest Ministry, through the online form below.
If you have questions, feel free to call: 618-541-8291.


How It Works

Tim Price, Director, Harvest Ministry, will meet with you to audition you for musical / technical skill. From there, we schedule somewhat geographically around the area. We will set up you with the dates, you let us know which ones you can commit to for sure. At times, we all meet in Troy, IL and drive to the event. Other times, we will meet you at the event, depending on the location.


What Happens Next

We either set a rehearsal time, or just send out music and meet at the event a little early to run through music. For the most part, we count on Harvest musicians to be gifted musically, to be in the loop on the modern worship songs, to be willing to serve in whatever style of music is needed and to be prepared upon arrival. We serve at the event and then head back home.


What About Money?

Since 1996, Harvest Ministry has been one of inviting. Our hope is to help the church make disciples and we consider weekends like this opportunities for people to use their gifts in a variety of ways. During the school year, depending on the event, we are able to help offset team member expenses with a small “thank you” check to help cover gas. But for the most part, this is an opportunity to serve in unique ministry settings, connect with other ministry minded young adults and use your gifts in the kingdom.


Is This For Me?

We would love to connect with you, even if you are able to serve only one or two times per year. Let’s get in touch. At any given time, there are about 15-18 Harvest people in the rotation and we pull teams together based on the need for the event. Plus, we’d love to meet you and visit about the possibilities.


About Harvest

Harvest is a 501 c 3 non for profit ministry that has been in existence since 1996 with a mission to “equip young adults for Christian leadership, while providing a resource to the church.” Harvest is interdenominational. There are team members from a variety of churches, and Harvest is invited to serve in a variety of churches. Our “home base” is Troy United Methodist Church, Troy, IL (near St. Louis) because Tim Price, Director of Harvest Ministry, serves on part-time staff there. As a result, many of those in our United Methodist circles invite Harvest on regular occasions to serve. You can visit What We Do to find out more about how Harvest operates.


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