A Slice of Sabbath

The Sabbath is a reminder to ourselves that we can’t control and do everything.  We remind ourselves 1/7 of every week that it’s really God who works in and through us to accomplish important and eternal things.

It’s while observing a Sabbath rest that the Lord can birth in us new visions, principles, concepts and desires for ministry.  It’s also when issues become clear, decisions become firm and resolve can grow.  These important events in the heart of a person can’t happen with quite the same depth when we are cranking through a “to-do” list.

Typically our days are filled by getting things done.  But during a Sabbath we can be free from the checklist and more in tune to checking in with God. The fact is, with a true observance of the Sabbath, the other six days are much more productive and beneficial.

It’s easy for people in ministry begin to think that what they are doing warrants an extremely packed out schedule for days on end.  And believe, me, I understand how easy it is to fall into that.  I’ll look at a 16 day stretch of ridiculous pace and think that at the end of that, I’ll take two or three days to recoup.  But, it rarely happens.

I have started to think of the Sabbath in this way: I don’t “take a day off” but rather “give a day to the Lord” for him to be at work in my life, home and ministry.

The other day, after such a Sabbath, I was astounded by the things that Lord had worked out while I was “away”.  Sometimes it’s the quiet things that make the most impact.  But on this particular week, I was astounded at the number of external things that fell into place.  A sponsorship, a new person volunteering to fill a role we have needed in ministry for some time, a confirmation on something I had been waiting for and the list goes on.

I know everyone has a different situation, but the fact is that every believer is commanded to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy (Ex 20:8).  It’s not a calendar issue, but an issue of wholeness for our hearts, minds and lives.


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