7 Best Practices For Helping Your Church Decline

Here are the seven best practices for church leaders who want to help their church decline:

1) Keep the vision muddled, unclear, and un-communicated.

2) Do everything yourself.  Don’t allow for partnership in ministry. Don’t trust your team.

3) Avoid making decisions. Master vague answers and don’t engage in issues.  Become a champion at not clarifying what you mean.

4) Be negative and non-supportive.  Smile very little.  Don’t risk building friendships with people.  Keep to yourself.

5) Rely on past experience or someone else’s experiences of faith to shape your messages.  Don’t seek fresh inspiration.

6) Accept defeat and assume that people don’t want to move forward and grow.

7) Repeatedly place blame for any negative outcome on everyone else.  Work to find a new place of ministry instead of working toward change where you are.


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