5 Reasons to Develop Leaders

leadershipIt could be argued that our ministry in church leadership is boiled down to developing leaders.  It’s the number one priority of leaders to identify and develop the next generation around them. The younger ones need to understand what it means to follow Christ and what needs to happen in ministry.  There are lots of things on our plate, but developing leaders needs to toward the top of the list.

Why develop leaders? Here are five reasons:

We need to develop leaders because we are called to.  The message of the gospel is meant to be shared, handed down and given away.    The more we seek to build a team of quality and gifted leaders around us, we increase the effectiveness and the opportunity.

We need to develop leaders to keep ministry going.  At some point, we won’t be doing this anymore and someone will need to take the helm.  Who will it be?

We need to develop leaders to multiply the efforts.  It’s called multiplication.  There’s no substitute for it.  There are only 24 hours in a day and no human leader is exempt from sleep.  The only way to grow the organization is to have leaders in place to help make it possible.  Moses learned this lesson when he was up from dawn to dusk serving as judge for issues.  He learned he had to develop people to make it happen.

We develop leaders to unlock and awaken in them their God given dreams, potential and desire to serve in the kingdom! When people get on fire using their gifts in ministry, nothing holds them back.  They often need that spark or catalyst to get going in it.

We develop leaders because it teaches us.  In the medical world, the phrase is see one, do one, teach one.  When you teach it, you begin to understand it more deeply.

The church grows when leaders are developed and deployed.  It needs to be our priority.


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