Four Youth Ministry Needs

I know there are a million things to think about in ministry! If you are full a time student ministry worker, a role that is diminishing (according to Barna), you have lots of obligations and details. If you are a part-time student ministry worker or a volunteer leader, you’re wearing several hats and trying to be effective.

If you have a few minutes, here are four needs for your student ministry. I hope this will be an encouragement to all churches and youth workers.

Need For Priority

Student ministry must be a priority for the church. Pastors and leaders must fund student ministry and move it to the top of the list. The church must invest in the next generation. Christian parents must help their teens make the church a priority and most importantly must model it. As a student ministry leader, lots of kindness and patience is needed as you help lead your ministry in such a way to make it a priority. Build up leaders, organize well and delegate ministry to others.

Need For Mission

Students need to equipped for mission. Most student ministries count on mission trips to have an impact in faith development. It’s a great tool and experience for student ministries of any size. In addition to the experience of mission trips away from home during the summer, teaching students to live in daily mission is also important. Use small groups to help students grasp the mission. Encourage and equip your students to invite friends and share their faith. Share a vision that the student ministry is a mission to the lost world. Start now. The next generation doesn’t need to graduate before becoming part of the mission of the church.

Need For Big Gatherings

Involvement in a local church on a regular basis is imperative for discipleship. But larger, outside your own church events are often catalysts for big faith moments. Camps, conferences and retreats, away from home, are often the places where students hear God’s invitation and call more clearly. It’s not easy to get calendars to align and details to fall into place for students to travel together away for a weekend event or a weeklong summer camp, but it’s worth it. It’s a need in ministry that can’t be underestimated. If you’re anywhere near Illinos, check these events out!

Need For A Constant Call To Christ

Keep calling students to Jesus! Invite to be all in. Pray together and pray big. Ask tough faith questions. Keep the Bible front and center. Love them like Jesus does. And help the church connect with students. These relationships will be like glue as the students transition out of high school.

Which one does your ministry need to focus on today?

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