Worship Team Daniel Fast

I was visiting a church in Pennsylvania when I heard about how they had done a congregation wide Daniel Fast.  This season of prayer and fasting (only eating the basics) led to increased growth, direction, energy and joy for their congregation.  The Daniel Fast gets it’s name from the story in Daniel where they were offered all kinds of food and Daniel asked only to have healthy food (read the first 10 or so verses of Daniel chapter 1).

After returning home, I decided our church should do it, but never got it going.  About four months later, I thought I would have our worship team do it.  And again, I never got it organized.  Finally, last January, I woke up one morning and decided that I would just do it so that I could experience it, then maybe lead people through it. So, for 21 days (there are two places where this happens in the book of Daniel, one for ten days, one for 21 days), I had fruit, vegetables, water, beans, whole grain rice, etc. Basically, I stayed away from dairy, meats, animal products, chemicals, preservatives, sugar, white flour and desserts. 


This isn’t a new diet plan, it’s a spiritual discipline.  The purpose isn’t only to be healthy, though that might come as a by-product.  The purpose is that we take ten days to focus on the scripture, on Jesus and on his people. 


I am inviting all of the worship team members in joining me as we fast together for the church.  We will go for ten days – January 9 – January 19.

Menus, Devotions, Plan for Our Church (appreciate Elevation Church and the information I found about the Daniel Fast on their site).

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