Why must we tell THIS story? (Thanks Pixar!)

pixars-22-rulesPixar has recently released the “22 Rules of Storytelling”.  They’ve had a string of amazing movie successes since Toy Story debuted in 1995.  Writer Emma Coates tweeted most of these rules out over time.  It has recently been compiled and published on their website.  Read all 22 rules here.

As we approach Easter – an opportunity to tell the greatest story ever – I thought Pixar rule #14 might give us a fresh perspective:

Rule #14 Why must you tell THIS story? What’s the belief burning within you that your story feeds off of? That’s the heart of it.

That’s the question we ask ourselves as ministry leaders, preachers, teachers – why must we tell THIS story?  Get ready for your Easter message and your Easter Worship services with this question in mind.  Get to the heart of it!


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