What Is The Heart of Leadership?

What does it take to become the kind of person people want to follow?

Mark Miller shares these great thoughts in his book, The Heart Of Leadership:

  • Hunger For Wisdom
  • Expect The Best
  • Accept Responsibility
  • Respond With Courage
  • Think Others First

If you want to become the kind of leader who people want to follow, consider these questions:

Hunger for Wisdom

Are you teachable? Do you carve out time in your calendar to learn and grow? Are you spending time around people who challenge you and teach you? What conference or leadership event are you planning to attend in the next sixth months? What book are you currently reading?

Expect the Best

Do you jump to conclusions about people? Are you expecting the best from those closest to you? Have you gotten into the bad habit of pessimism about life, work, or ministry?

Accept Responsibility

Do you always have a reason for failure? Do you blame others for lack of improvement? When things go well, do you give praise to your team? When things go wrong, do ask yourself, “What is it about my leadership that causes this to happen?” Do you take responsibility for the people who serve with you?

Respond with Courage

Are you willing to do the right thing even if it’s hard? Can you make the tough decisions? Do you have the willingness to move in the direction of vision even it means making big changes?

Think Others First

Are seeking to serve? Are you trying to add value to those around you? Are you pulling your weight for the success of your partners and colleagues?

Quotes From The Book

This was a great leadership story. Here are my favorite quotes from the book:

You can lead, with or without, a title. If you wait until you get a title, you could wait forever.

If you don’t demonstrate leadership character, your skills and your results will be discounted, if not dismissed.

The servant leader constantly works to help others win.

Without leadership character, no one cares about your skills.

The future has not been written – it is written by leaders.

Leaders usually don’t wait – they initiate.

Your missed opportunities are often no big deal in isolation. They are, however, cumulative.

Leadership is a privilege, but it is not free – it comes at a price.

The best leaders don’t blame others. They own their actions and their outcomes.

I get to decide. I choose my response. No one does that for me.

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