Two Powerful Ways to Strengthen Your Vision: Simplify and Repeat

If you’re leading a group of people, you can attest to the fact that vision must be stated over and over. It’s been said that “vision leaks” and “doesn’t stick.” For an organization to flourish, the vision must be attainable and understood. Everyone should know the “why” behind their part in the work.

I reread Making Vision Stick, a small book by Andy Stanley (2007).

Here are two powerful ways to strengthen your vision:


Complexity can be a vision killer. What started as your main mission can become overwhelmed with extra stuff. You began with a focus on one thing, but soon started juggling two, three, then twenty-five balls.

To be a powerful force, your vision must be simple and easy to remember. A simple sentence (even if it doesn’t cover every aspect of your mission or ministry) is better than a complete statement that no one can remember. When your vision is simple and memorable, you can carry it with you each day so it motivates and shapes your daily life.

Pray for a clear and concise vision – and a way to make it simple and powerful. As Howard Hendricks said, “If it’s a mist in the pulpit, it’s a fog in the pew.”

A clear vision must be discovered and a complex vision must be simplified.


Vision isn’t something to share once. It’s woven into every aspect of your ministry or organization. Pastors and leaders can share it in their messages. Leaders can highlight the places where the vision is being lived out effectively.

Share stories of how the vision is working, changing lives, and setting new directions. Invite people into the vision by systematically sharing it in writing, stories, videos, and conversation. Equip your leadership teams to carry out the vision in their areas. Celebrate the ways you see the vision being lived out – what gets celebrated, gets repeated.

How can you repeat the vision for your ministry or organization today?

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