Top Twelve Books

Over the last five years, I’ve had a goal of reading five books a month. At the end of each year, I post twenty of them.

Here’s a selection of the top twelve from those lists:

1) The Power Of Habit

An intriguing book on habits that comes to mind each time I notice the little things I accomplish without it ever coming to mind.

Charles Duhigg (2014) | My Post

2) Three Signs Of A Miserable Job

People need to be noticed and they need to know what they are doing matters. This is so important for volunteers in the church.

Patrick Lencioni (2007) | My Post

3) When Work And Family Collide

The home and ministry should be friends, not enemies.

Andy Stanley (2011) | My Post

4) Essentialism

We often ask the wrong question. We ask, “should I keep this?” when we should be asking, “would I get this now if I didn’t already have it?”

Greg McKeown (2014) | My Post

5) Samuel Morris

An inspiring story of how one young life can make such a difference.

Lindley Baldwin (1987)

6) The Ideal Team Player

You want your team to be humble, hungry and smart.

Patrick Lecioni (2016) | My Post

7) Pass It On

I took a week-long trip with my daughter when she turned 12. We called it the 12 year old trip. This book is filled with ideas like this to help pass on the faith to your kids.

Jim Burns (2015)

8) Four Disciplines Of Execution

Don’t let the ministry whirlwind overcome you. Do the wildly important things, measure them and make sure you help your team keep score.

McChesney, Covey, Huling (2016)

9) Good Faith

So much good stuff in this book that I wish I could always remember for everyday conversations.

Kinnaman and Lyons (2016) | Quotes

10) Hole In The Gospel

Ministry to the poor and forgotten is a bedrock for the Christian faith. There are some powerful stories in this book.

Richard Stearns (2014)

11) Follow The Cloud

What does it mean to follow God? We can learn a lot from the Old Testament.

John Stickl (2017) | Quotes

12) The Power Of Off

In a digital world that never shuts down, we need to learn the power of off for our souls to find rest.

Nancy Colier (2016) | My Post

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