Three Hours for Twenty Minutes.

This morning we spent some time planning for the evening event.  Following the regular evening worship service, Harvest was supposed to lead a fun night for about 45 minutes.  Knowing that we would have 170 middle school students watching us, we began planning some components to the evening.  One part was the ten word song.  We collected ten random words from kids and used them to write a song.  The song, “Pink Power Ranger” was a hit.  Zach played guitar while Bonnie sang and Josh and Daniel did back ground vocals and “sound effects”.  It was quite entertaining.  We also recorded a video for the evening starring Daniel as Beuford.  It was a really neat night. 

The crazy part of the evening was short compared to the preparation time, but it was worth it.  And really, the whole summer has been like this – little memorable and meaningful moments carved into everyday life.   The time we invest this summer will show up in a few lives here and there.  Lives of students, children and adults who have found new life in Jesus.  It has definately been worth it.

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