The Yard

Last night I got home and our yard had been mowed.  After being away for about 15 days, I was glad that the grass wasn’t too high. Suzanne and I were extremely grateful.  Our neighbor has taken care of our yard each summer we have lived there.  He just gets on his riding mower and “knocks it down”.  I am grateful to have a neighbor like that. 

One time, when we had a tree planted in our yard for Ruby’s birthday, the tree company came about 7:00 AM.  Suzanne realized who it was, but wasn’t quite ready to go out and talk.  When she looked out the window, she saw our neighbor talking to the tree experts.  Suzanne  relaxed knowing our neighber would give us the details about care and watering. 

Our helfpul neighbor is a reminder to me about how many people are involved in making something significant happen.  I once heard that “leaders are like turtles on a fence post… they didn’t get up there all by themselves”.  Our neighbor is one of those people who help make it possible for Harvest Summer Ministry to happen. 

The team is at Epworth and I am meeting them tonight.

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