The Talking Duck

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A duck walks into a diner around lunchtime, sits down and orders a sandwich and a Coke.

The server looks at him and says, “Oh my goodness, a talking duck! What are you doing here?”

The duck replies, “I’m dry-walling the new motel going up across the street. I’ll be in town for a few days.”

The next day, the duck walks back into the diner for lunch and the server says, “Hey duck, I was telling someone about you last night. They’re really interested in meeting with you!”

“Is that so?”

“There’s a travelling circus in town,” the server explained.  “The ringmaster was in here yesterday and thought you could be a star attraction for them!”

The duck questioned, “You mean the circus that has the big tent up in town?”

“Yeah, that’s the one!”

The duck looked puzzled and asked, “Why in the world would a circus need a dry-waller?”

I heard this one last Sunday from my friend Duane Henson. 


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