The Kids Conference Wrap Up…

The 2012 Kids Conference season has come to a close!  We finished the final event in Troy, IL on Saturday.  It was a great time of serving the church in this unique way – of pulling together gradeschool kids, their ministry leaders and parents for a day of learning and growing in faith.

Thanks to the teams who help made it all happen – there were many! The Troy Harvest Team was Ben Sanborn, Kim Przybylski, Tyler Lynn, Joe Kraudel, Katie Murbarger, James Deming, Abbie Aymer, Suzanne Price and Christine Fuesz. Also, thanks to the host churches and host church teams who opened their doors for this event.

I’m always grateful to be an assistant in what God is doing in the lives of kids.  We don’t have precise numbers of lives that might have been changed or decisions kids may have make to follow Christ.  However, I know that at the end of the end of the session on Saturday and at the other two events, many children stood up when we invited to them to give God their all and all the spirit to work in their lives.  It was amazing to see!  If I had to guess, I would say, between all three light kids conferences, 400 kids stood up for prayer during that invitation.  But more than the number, it’s the impact that kids following Christ can have in the world!  I’m praying for much fruit.

We do have some other figures from The 2012 Light Kids Conference:

– 56 different churches participated in the event.

– 767 was the total attendance at the 2012 Light Kids Confernece!

– 137 bookmarks and 117 cards were made for “Treasure Our Troops” during the mission time at The Light.

– 185 pizzas were ordered for The Light Kids Conference!

– 14 different Harvest Team Members participated in leading the conference.

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