The Importance of the First Follower

I ran across this three minute video describing the importance of a “first follower”.  [watch the video on youtube]

The importance of the first follower is unmatched. It gives credence to the movement.  It models the simplicity of following.  And it’s the first step toward gaining momentum.

How does a leader help develop and encourage the first follower?

1)  Make it simple.

2)  Welcome the first follower.

3)  Give credit to the first follower.

4)  Pull in the first follower on your team.

5)  Encourage the first followers invitation’s to others.

The implications for ministry are endless.  In the New Testament, the church was built on a team of first followers.  They were the ones who were willing to step out.  They followed the simple example of Jesus and they in turn invited many others to also follow Jesus.

In what ways will you develop the first followers around you?


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