The Importance Of A Vision

Here are seven important aspects of vision. I can’t remember where I found this list, but it’s really encouraging to me! At the end of this list, I have included some other posts I have written about vision.

I’m praying for your ministry and the vision you may have or the need for a renewed vision.

A Vision Encourages Unity

Without vision, people begin to look inward, become petty and un-unified.

A Vision Creates Energy

A vision help harness energy – everyone moving the same direction.

A Vision Provides Purpose

Purpose will keep the fires burning. Your people will be more likely to feel like they want to stick around and help with a sense of purpose. You have to know the “why”!

A Vision Fosters Risk-Taking

There isn’t a big point in taking risks for nothing, but taking risk for a payoff is worth it!

A Vision Enhances Leadership

Strong leaders are attracted to big vision. Others will want to grow into it!

A Vision Promotes Excellence

When the vision is out in front, we do our best to strive forward with excellence.

A Vision Sustains Ministry

You can’t keep going if you can’t see the end product or the reason behind your work!

Which one of these do you need to remember as you work today?


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