The Best Four Words To Pray

Making decisions in life isn’t always easy. Not only are there so many possible directions, most of the time we’re not even aware of the significance.

Four words we should always pray is “Thy Will Be Done.”

Allow these four words to direct our times of prayer. Without quiet times with the Lord, we will find it hard to keep in step with these four words. As we listen to God’s word fill our lives, this process of living into this sentiment becomes more natural.

For the big and small things.

I’ve got a few big things looming over me right now and I want to pray these words – Thy Will Be Done! The consequences could be huge and life-changing!

Sometimes, it seems easier to pray for big things than the small everyday aspects of life. “Thy Will Be Done” in daily prayers for the simple things in life may have more implications than we realize.

Pray this prayer as you are facing a decision, dealing with a difficult situation or person, or as you start the day. In fact, end all your prayers this way! And teach the next generation to make decisions praying this prayer.

It’s a good prayer because it puts the emphasis on God at work in our lives. But even more, it’s good because it’s a prayer Jesus prayed (Luke 22:42).

Thy Will Be Done. It’s not easy, but it should be the cry of every Christian.

[I was reminded of this short prayer while reading a book called Resisting Happiness by Michael Kelly]

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