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Over the last nine months, Troy UMC has been the hosting church for Divine Design Women’s Conference with Renee Swope, Ignition Middle School Conference, Fire-Up Sr. High Conference, The Light Kids Conference, Beautiful U Girls Conference, and Only Four Things Conference with Bill Easum.

Folks from over 200 churches have walked through the doors of Troy UMC for these events. There have been approximately 150-160 volunteers from the church who have played a part in some way.  There have been hundreds of opportunities to increase faith in children, youth and adults and we thank God for lives that are transformed in Jesus’ name.

I have experienced few churches with the kind of heart Troy UMC has for reaching out and welcoming so many children and student leaders from the greater church for growth in faith and leadership. The generosity and flexibility that is required to make this happen is over the top. Countless hours and gifts have been poured into the lives of people during this past school year.

I praise the Lord for this season of kingdom work! And I praise the Lord for the power of these efforts multiplied over several years and into the future.

Thanks to every leader and member of Troy United Methodist Church for your faithfulness, your heart for ministry, your flexibility and your adventurous, risk taking, seed sowing attitude during this time in history.  What started out small, with the 1997 Fire-Up Conference, has grown into numerous events here in Troy around the around the region.

Thanks for your kingdom heart!  Keep up the good work.  Next year is Fire-Up #20!


Fire-Up 2015

Ignition 2014

Divine Design Women’s Event 2014 

Beautiful U Girls Conference 2015

The Light Kids Conference 2015               Resources from the Light Kids Conference 

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We’re also grateful for the many other host churches who now partner with Harvest to provide ministry to the next generation and ministry leaders.  Here are some of those events from this past school year:

The Well For Youth Workers

The Light Kids Conference (Marion, Washington, Troy)

Renovate (Quad Cities, East Moline Christ Church)

Spiritual Life Nights (Olney, Belleville, Herrin)

Beautiful U Girls Conference (Troy, Fairfield)


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