Ten Things The Worship Team Should Do Before The Service

As much as possible, you want to eliminate last minute things before a worship service. This requires planning ahead, effective rehearsals and good communication systems.

But here’s a list of ten practical things worship leaders and teams should do before each service. Most often, this happens naturally.


Listen To Stories

As the team arrives in the morning, it’s good to listen to stories. How was the trip? What have you been up to? I saw something on your social media – what was that all about? It’s good to be an audience for one another as you connect, usually you’re some of the first ones at church for the service.

Double Check Details

Equipment may have worked well the other night, but it’s good to double check the plug in’s, batteries, and other little things. It’s better to get in the habit of checking before everything gets moving fast.


A worship team should always pray before worship. Intercede on behalf of the church and congregation. Pray for the pastor, for those coming and for the message.  Pray for the team, for needs, and for God to take our little and make it much.

Be Thankful

Sundays are game days for the worship team. We don’t have to do this – we get to!  Be thankful for Sundays. Enjoy it. If there is an issue that needs to be addressed, it should probably wait until Monday (or at least after worship on Sunday). Your attitude for today should be thanksgiving to God!

Practice Transitions

Make a habit of talking through transitions – when to come up, when to sit down, who is praying or reading between songs, etc. We often have to rehearse the flow on communion Sunday – who is coming up when and where. Transitions make or break the flow. READ: 14 Thoughts for transitioning songs in worship

Don’t Noodle On Instruments

We typically try to stop rehearsal and sound check thirty minutes before worship, for sure by twenty til. You don’t want to be messing around on instruments, trying to learn a part or just be noodling while people arrive for the worship service. This is especially a good point to teach younger students who join your team for various Sundays.  You don’t want the first thing people hear to be random banging and amp configuring.

Mingle With People

Instead of being on stage or backstage, try having the worship team out and about, milling around. Depending on the context of your ministry and facility set up, this can be a great time of connection. When there is a relationship with the congregation and team members, the connection and response in worship is stronger. Get some coffee and shake hands, don’t just stand in a circle with others from the band.

Greet Your Family

Again, this depends on the morning schedule, but worship leaders should be sure to greet their family as they come in.  Typically, worship band member families come to church in two different vehicles. It’s good to connect before the whole thing begins.  If you see your spouse or kids, go over and hug them before worship. Three “Greetings” Worship Leaders Should Make on Sunday Mornings.

Visit Tech Team

Maybe not every person in the band needs to do this, but they could if they want.  The sound and video tech teams are part of the worship team. It’s good, especially when the tech team is enclosed or on another level in the sanctuary, for them to hear from people. Worship leaders and teams should make a round to thank them for their ministry and see if they need anything before the service. Also, check in to see what they thought about this or that during rehearsal. Any suggestions?


Don’t let the rushed attitude of those coming into worship determine your attitude. Worship leader and teams should smile, be engaged and help build a friendly atmosphere. Welcome people warmly through your attitude. Be grateful for the church, for the ministry and for your opportunity to serve.

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