Teaching God’s Design For Marriage Is Important

It’s important for parents and the church to keep teaching the next generation that marriage is God’s design.

Marriage is God’s word and creation – not a social construct or one of many options for a healthy foundation.

Not all of our children will get married – some will feel called to remain single. However, about half of the adults in our nation are married, and according to one study, 64% of the others say they want to be married at some point.

Because of this, it’s vital for parents to help their children understand God’s design for marriage—one man and one woman together for life. In this context, marriage is the key component of God’s plan for sexuality and family structure. Outside of this design, we find brokenness.

Of course, family structure isn’t always cut and dried, and no one here is throwing stones. However, the focus on Christian families teaching their children about God’s perfect design is a starting point for helping the next generation understand.

I like this perspective from the book Full Circle Parenting – A Guide For Crucial Conversations by Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins.