Three Team Members Everyone Needs

Here are three types of people that every team leader needs: Sneezers -The Sneezers are the people on your team who, after catching the vision, understanding the mission and fully believing in the power of what you are doing, uncontrollably share it with other people.  They talk about it.  They invite people in.  They become … Read more

Volunteer Student Ministry Event Administrator Job Description

Weekend events, retreats, lock-ins, mission trips and summer camps all come with territory when you are serving in youth ministry.  And administration of these events becomes a full time job!   However, this is one area where delegation is quite fruitful.  There are many benefits to delegating the administrative part of a weekend event. It’s project based … Read more

Summer Schedules

Every summer my schedule is pretty full leading music at camps, churches and events.  Through the years, I have talked with youth pastors and other ministry leaders who seem to have just as full of a schedule. In the last few weeks I’ve heard of one person moves to the camp full time in the summer and … Read more

Fall Kick Off Ideas for Student Ministry

Do something new this fall to get students excited. Connect with a couple other youth groups to create critical mass for an event. Invite families from your church to participate. Hype it up. Teach students to invite friends. Make sure to get connected with their friends when they do attend. MUDFEST – The first Wednesday … Read more

Too Old For Student Ministry?

Whether you are a volunteer, a full time or part time paid staff person, or you got asked to fill in for a month five years ago, you may be asking yourself, am I getting too old for this?   The answer is “No!”.  Here are some reasons, thoughts, and encouragement as you continue to serve. … Read more

8 Principles for Life Changing Youth Ministry – Right Where You Are

I am a fan of youth ministry leaders.  There is so much that a youth pastor does – volunteer or paid – to help shape the lives of students and families in their churches. At times we might wish we were somewhere else in ministry. But remember that you can be effective no matter the … Read more

Habits of Effective Student Ministry Leaders

Here are a few things that student ministry leaders need to make part of their lives in order to have thriving and healthy ministries: Prayer (March 11:24, Jeremiah 33:3) – Prayer is our lifeline.  We need to pray to sense God’s leading in our lives and wisdom as we serve his church. We need to pray … Read more

Make the most of Summer Student Ministry!

For many student ministries, the summer is a crazy, schedule filled season of trips, camps and missions.   Planning now will help maximize the energy, the attendance, the momentum, the memories, and the connections as you enter the fall.  But planning ahead also brings balance in life and allows you time to find the needed volunteers … Read more

A Youth Worker’s #2 Priority!

By having a “youth pastor” a local church is indicating two things: 1) they are allocating resources to keep ministry to the students and families organized and moving and 2) they are asking that leader to help equip the congregation for life changing ministry to the next generation. The job of the youth ministry leader is … Read more