Every team could use more effectiveness, productivity, and growth all while spending less money.  Here are 7 ways any leader can help move their team forward – and it won’t cost a penny. Expectation – Expectation is the key to getting the best performance from your volunteers and staff.  Setting expectations and following through with them are important. Start … Read more

How to be a “go to” church

We have our “go to” experts on computer question.  We have our “go to” games in children and youth ministry.  We have “go to” websites for ideas and inspiration.  How can we make our church a “go to” place in the community. Our team served in various missions around Omaha, NE yesterday.  During one of … Read more

The Secret to Keeping Church Members Committed

There are so many variables as to why people begin attending church.  And those variables grow even more complex as to why some of them don’t stick around.  Here’s the secret to keeping church members connected. 1)  They need a group of friends & personal connections at church. The best and most organic way for this to … Read more

Ministry Leaders: Create, Don’t Replicate

“Church leaders need to create ministry, not replicate it.”  Center Church, Keller Creating ministry, specific to your region, the people and the gifts of the congregation is a powerful force. Attending conferences, hearing about other ministries and churches and reading books, can all be helpful springboards, but in the end, each church is designed to extraordinarily … Read more