5 Ways for the Church to Reach Out to People Driving By…

Your people, your building  and your website are the three main ways the non church going people in your community develop an impression of your church – most likely in that order. Let’s talk about the second one for a moment.  What do people see when they drive by your church facility?  Believe it or not, for … Read more

7 Characteristics of an Effective Church Office

The church office can be structured in a million different ways.  I have been in churches where the office staff is numerous, but the hallways are very solemn and quiet.  I have been in church offices with very few staff and there is bustle and energy.  I have experienced church office staff when there is … Read more

5 Guru’s and Their Blogs

Here is a list of 5 really helpful blogs for ministry leaders.  Of course, not every single day is huge – but many times they are really helpful. Thanks to these folks for their ministry in the kingdom! Thom Rainer – http://thomrainer.com/ – a couple recent blogs include “What church member’s want in a bulletin” and … Read more

7 Indications You Have Discovered a Future Leader

One of our jobs as leaders is to uncover future leaders and bring them along side us.  Whether it’s a church, a non-profit or other organization, discovering future leaders is one of the defining characteristics of long term success.  Here are seven indications you may have discovered such a person: They like to talk about … Read more

Confident Ministry VS Comfortable Ministry

Ministry leaders need to become more confident and less comfortable in their roles. [tweet this] Comfortable ministry can keep a person from receiving direction.  It may keep a leader from taking risks. It may keep someone from making hard decisions.  Being comfortable where we are may cause us to lose sight of the vision of the mission – to go, make … Read more

Eight P’s for Achievment

Each summer we publish the Harvest Handbook for our ministry teams who travel to camps, churches and events.  The back of this booklet contains several little thoughts and this is one of them, though, the author is unknown.  Here are the eight P’s for achievement: Prepare Prayerfully.   Prayer needs to be the foundation.  Prayer is the where … Read more