Encounter Weekend in Worden, IL

Worden United Methodist Church is a small, yet thriving church on the edge of the Metro St. Louis area.  Though they are a secluded, small town of about 1000 people, they are part of the large Edwardsville School District. Last weekend, they hosted an event they named Encounter, which was for 3-8 graders.  The weekend consisted … Read more

Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick Two…

This is a pretty standard thought that I’ve heard in a variety of places.  I was in a meeting and someone said, “you’ve got good, fast and cheap, pick two.”  It makes sense. And it’s worth thinking of again as you are planning for something coming up. If something is good and cheap, it’s probably … Read more

Four Things I Give Attention To When Developing A Conference Or Event.

I have had the privilege of developing and participating in countless retreats, conferences, ministry events, camps, and seminars over the last few years.  Though there are lots of little things that need to be in place, here are four things I give attention to: Food No matter what else happens (good or bad) people remember the food.  … Read more

Compounding Days in Ministry

I know this isn’t scientific data, but it’s been my experience that the weight of days compound during youth events, camps, and conferences.  If Monday is valued as a day, then Tuesday builds on it and is actually worth a day and a half.  Wednesday is worth two and a half days.  Thursday is worth … Read more

Ideas for Ministry Events

One of the primary purposes for the existence of Harvest Ministry Teams is to be a resource to the church.  We have served in several styles of events and here are some samples of the schedules / ministries.  We would love to partner with you and help in any way this year.  If you would … Read more