The idea of blessing is powerful in the Old Testament. Issac blessed Jacob. Even though Jacob tricked Isaac into thinking he was his older brother, Issac couldn’t take the blessing back. He had given it to Jacob and it was done (Genesis 27). When Jacob was older, he blessed Joseph’s two sons. Much to Joseph’s … Read more

Amazing Grit of Our Ancestors

Doctors, dentists, sick leave, vacation time, weekends, news, books, washing machines, buses, cars, and planes enhance our lives today. Our hectic and difficult lives are nothing like what our ancestors lived through. Back in the 10th or 11th century, our ancestors survived with much less. The life span was shorter. Their stories were unreal. Daily … Read more

Invest In Student Ministry

The church must invest in student ministry. It can’t be an afterthought. There must be some concrete ways the church is helping to invite in, raise up, share Jesus and incorporate students into the life of their congregation. Here are some ways every church should invest in student ministry: Through Leadership Depending on the size … Read more

Changing Trends In Student Ministry

There are always seasons for ministry and they seem to change faster in student ministry! Here are four general student ministry trends that you may sense need to change in your own church: Less About Content, More About Relationships Good content will always be important, but as students grow up they probably will remember less … Read more

Only Children For Now…

There was an awesome story in the book, Help, I’m A Sunday School Teacher by Ray Johnston. It was the 1950’s and a Philadelphia congregation watched three nine-year-old boys get baptized. Tony Compolo was one of those boys. Years later, Compolo decided to look up the church membership reports for his baptism and that year … Read more

The Small Church’s Gift To Young Leaders

In a small church, opportunities are presented for children and students that aren’t always available to kids in larger churches. It’s not that larger churches don’t develop leaders, it’s just that they have to become much more intentional, with limited opportunities, in raising up the next generation for leadership.  Typically, for larger congregations, it has to become more formalized … Read more

Seven Ways Every Church Needs To Fight For The Next Generation

The church is an organization that exists for those not yet in it. The very reason for the church is to connect with people, to preach the gospel and to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. The single largest organization on the planet is by far the Christian Church with 2.2 … Read more