Survival Is A Terrible Goal For A Church

Sometimes, a church will get the idea that God’s vision for their ministry is to maintain what they have before pursuing growth and health.

The fact is that “survival” is a terrible goal. Hoping to keep the status quo is not motivating, nor is it God-honoring.

You will not put your church in a position to grow by holding back and trying to keep things they are way are – or were.

The best thing you can do for your church is to seek God’s vision for reaching the lost world around you and then pursue the growth of your ministry aggressively.

Vision for your congregation involves dreams, creativity, and moving forward with ongoing progress toward reaching people. To call your congregation to hold the line is not a motivating and rallying vision – but a death warrant, as George Barna says in his book, The Power Of Vision.

Every church vision is unique and needs to be sought out and shared. The vision should glorify God and mobilize the church. The dangers of “holding back” is a lesson already earned from the story Jesus told. In the parable of the talents, the third guy in the story kept what he had – stayed right where he was – but didn’t increase and was severely punished.

Only God can give you and your congregation the vision for your ministry, but one thing we know: Don’t stay where you are, barely hanging on. Often it’s the step of wild obedience that will move and shake your faith and the faith of your congregation.

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