Suzanne & Ruby

harvest-2009-0891Ruby and I have had such a fun summer.  We have only been with Tim for about half the time since he left, sad for us, but we are looking foward to the first three weeks of July!  

The past few weeks, we have buzzing around everywhere.  We drove to Louisville and spent two days with daddy and Harvest at camp.  We left camp on Friday and headed to Santa Claus, IN.  After spending the night in the church and sleeping on an air mattresses, we spent the next day (11 hours to be exact) walking around Holiday World (95 degrees temp, with a heat index of 102, and 18,000 people in attendance).  I am sure 17, 000 were at the water park.  After eleven hours of walking around and riding rides, and fighting the water park crowd, we headed back to our wonderful air mattresses at the church.  They were so much more inviting after being on your feet all day!!  WHEW!!!  We attended church at Santa Claus UMC and then drove home while daddy and Harvest headed for Epworth Camp. 

I was thinking how fun and tiring it was to be at Holiday World and it was fun to spend time with Tim and Ruby.  I am grateful for Harvest…although it means a lot of sacrifices sometimes, it also presents a lot of wonderful opportunities for our family…thanks Harvest!!  I praise the Lord for Tim’s willingness to ‘go’ and to follow like a servant.  And for the Lord for his faithfulness and for giving Ruby and I strength and peace to live without Tim for half the summer!  

 Anyway, back to the hot, long Holiday World day, Tim asked Ruby if she had fun and she said “it was a glorious day!”  The heat, crowds, lines, did not even phase her, or ruin her time, she was with Mommy and Daddy, and Holidog..what more can a 4 year old ask for!

Our next stop was branson..we spent the next 6 days there with “the girls” from my side of the family.  Now onto July! 

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