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fam1My daughters spend lots of time singing around the house, church and other places.  I often will play the guitar while they dance and make up words.  We have created several songs and it’s a lot of fun. The other night, they both sang for a mother/daughter banquet.  I used a phone voice recorder to record the song with guitar and they used it as the track in a small sound system.  It worked! Here are a collection of songs they have sung in various settings over the last couple of years.   Not too many people in the world are going to care much about this post but I wanted to compile these links in one spot.







Youtube Playlist 

You’re The Light – Troy, IL 2014 (Written by Ruby Price)

One Small Voice – Rockbridge, IL 2013 (Written by Rebecca Sparks)

Daddy, What If – Beulah Camp, Eldorado, IL 2011

No Sweeter Name – Ruby at Troy UMC 2012 (Kari Jobe)

Fruit Fruit Fruity – Ruby helped with puppets – 2013

Fruit Fruit Fruity – Price Farm Jamboree – 2013 – Macy with “yahoo” and dance

Ruby’s 2012 Christmas Piano Recital – Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer 

I Will Sing – Ministry Unlimited Pantry Benefit Concert – 2012 (Written by Ruby Price)

Beautiful Things – Price Farm Jamboree – 2012 (Written by Michael Gungor)

Five little monkeys – First time run through

Fast Food Song – 2010



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