Seven Ways To Stay Inspired

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Inspiration is defined as “something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create: a force or influence that inspires someone”.  Don’t take inspiration lightly. When it comes, be sure to notice and respond in some way. Here are seven ways to help spark inspiration in work and life.


When a person reads good books, especially the Bible, great ideas, thoughts and clarity come.  If you want to stay in inspired and committed to moving forward, take some time to read.  These days, it’s easier than ever with audio books right from your phone.And if you don’t want to spend money, re-discover your library.  Why church leaders need daily devotions  |   Why leaders should be readers | 20 books I read last year


The Light Kids Conference, an event we’ve been doing through Harvest Ministry since 2001, was virtually started and planned out during a conversation on a short road trip. During the drive, my wife and I lined out most all the details for this one day event for grade school kids.  Today, The Light has grown in attendance to nearly 800 kids and leaders and thousands of children have participated in the conference since it began in March of 2001.  That’s just one example of a conversation that inspired.  I could recount many more.  The power of speaking greatness  |  This picture reminds me why I love my wife


When you spend time debriefing what you have, you are able to begin making it better. All of us are working with constraints, issues and problems in our lives and organizations.  When we take time to debrief what we’re doing, it helps us to work around the constraints and make things better.  Seven kind ways to say “no” | The power of “now”


Taking a step away from regular work on a weekly basis helps sharpen our minds, hearts and lives.  Our best ideas often come when we are doing something we love.  During a Sabbath, you need to recharge with Scripture, friends and family and with something that gives you joy and fills you up.  Inspiration often comes when we are taking a trip or visiting some place we have never been.  This requires intentionally setting aside time to do something unique and fun.     7 Creative Sabbath ideas

Small Successes

When you’re in need of inspiration, small successes really help.  Get some of the little stuff out of the way.  Finish the looming project.  Take one small step toward a huge goal.  These little wins begin to stack up and give you a boost toward more energy to keep going.  Daily to do list:  5 tasks

Invite New Ideas

New ideas always help invigorate our lives.  Don’t worry about waiting for the greatest idea, just make sure you document the ideas you have!  Write them down, share them with a few key people.  Accept ideas from others around you.  Get into the habit of truly thinking through the possibilities of an idea – don’t just shoot it down because it sounds far fetched. 9 Proven ways to get a new idea

Change Scenery

One of the best ways to stay inspired is to change your scenery.  This can be as simple as cleaning up your work area, rearranging your living room or cleaning your car.  The process of these activities help us get and remain inspired.  Switch your jogging route or your route to work sometimes.  Visiting a new place can be helpful.  Taking your project you’re trying to finish and sitting at the library or a local park.  These things can enhance the opportunity to get inspired.  Lessons learned at Yellowstone


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