Every team could use more effectiveness, productivity, and growth all while spending less money.  Here are 7 ways any leader can help move their team forward – and it won’t cost a penny.

Expectation – Expectation is the key to getting the best performance from your volunteers and staff.  Setting expectations and following through with them are important. Start by writing them down – expectations only work if everyone knows what is to be expected.

Delegation – There are people around you who are highly capable of accomplishing most anything you are working on.  The setback, at least for many leaders, is taking the time and having the confidence to turn it over.  What can you delegate?  Who can you empower? Who on your team is ready for more?  How much are you willing to risk?  Delegation, when done properly, will almost always open up time for you to dream and plan for ways to move the organization forward.  And it will happen without little details falling through the cracks.

Vision – This one simple concept is huge and it begins with you as the leader.  What is the vision for this team?  Why are they together?  Why are you working in this ministry or on this project?  What is the outcome to be in the short term?  In the long term?  Sharing this vision with the team – on a regular basis – will help move them forward to new heights.

Care – We all walk so many lines in life.  Our work is one aspect.  Volunteering is another.  Home is another and the list goes on.  One of the best ways to help your team continue to be effective is to take time to care.  Notes, stories about real life stuff, listening to their experience, and just building friendships will help in uniting the team for the long haul.  Most of this happens naturally, but it’s a good reminder to each leader that life is still happening as we are accomplishing the mission together.  Don’t forget about it.

Verbal Praise – Giving your team compliments and encouragement is a great way to move people forward.  However, use this genuinely.  If something is going well – speak up.  If you give verbal praise out when aren’t going well, you’ll water it down and you’ll begin to lose some of the top tier of your team.

Rewards and Recognition – Recognition doesn’t have to cost.  It can be a name printed somewhere or can be a card or note given to the person.  Write about them in the publication or give an award.  Some rewards can cost money or can be trade-offs – an afternoon off, an extended vacation, etc.

Organization – Organization of times, people, and details will go a long way toward moving the team forward.  Give everyone a chance to spend their time doing what is important and not just what is needed to get by.  Organization will allow for the time invested to make the most meaningful impact toward your goal.

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