RV’s, Dorms, Churches and Homes

Since starting our 2009 summer journey, we have had the privilage of experiencing some great hospitality.  First of all, we stayed in a couple homes in Troy, IL while were were preparing for the week.  And in our first few days on the road, we have stayed in a college dorm on the University of Illinois Campus, a church and in an RV. 

The night we stayed in the church, Josh decided it would be cool – cold, actually – if he slept in the church courtyard outdoors.  The area was really nice and he just took out his sleeping bag and slept on a bench.  The next morning when the rest of the team got up, the first thing we did was go see if Josh was still out there.  He was. 

It’s is really fun to see all the many ways the church is alive and hospitality is one of the unique and defining aspects of the church and Christians.  So, thanks Tom for the awesome dorm, thanks Rex and Princeville UMC for the great place and the wonderful pancakes and thanks to Jonni, Becky and Port Byron for letting have the joy of sleeping in an RV – it’s fun!

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