Risk is Not Just For Large Churches

All churches must take risks.

Peter Drucker says “there are risks we can afford to take, risks we can not afford to take and risks that we cannot afford not to take.”

Your church needs to be looking for new ways of doing ministry and new ways of accomplishing the mission. Without this creative focus, you can easily get stuck in a rut of mediocrity.

In the book Empowered Leaders, Hans Finzel speaks about this topic of risk as it relates to creativity. To be creative is a risk and the more we become comfortable with it, the more we will be willing to try it.

Every church can go out on a limb to find creative ways to reach people. In fact, it’s in the risk-taking where the church becomes stronger, more healthy and effective. It’s also fun to be willing to take a risk.

Risks allow us to:

  • Get in over our heads
  • Try something so big only God can get the credit
  • Build the confidence of a church and leadership team
  • Reach people we would never reach
  • Be known in the community as the church willing to reach out
  • Take a step of faith when it doesn’t seem possible

Where will you be bold? How will you be creative in reaching people? What ways will your church stick it’s neck out to share the gospel, love people and make a big difference in the neighborhood around you?

Risk isn’t just for large churches – but it is brave churches.

Be a church willing to take a risk.

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