Pray Out Loud For Your Students

I like the prayers King Solomon prayed out loud over his people at the dedication of the new temple in 2 Chronicles, Chapter 6.

He praised God humbly. He thanked God for his father and those who had gone before him.

And he prayed some powerful prayers directly for the people. And maybe it would look like this for your students:

“When life starts falling apart because there is a barrier between you and these students, Lord, turn our hearts back to you! Bring a spirit of repentance in big ways.”

“When the students before me are dealing with struggles, doubts and failures, we pray you would send the blessing of your presence and assurance. Help us to seek you.”

“As these students grow in maturity, help them understand the connection between your faithfulness and our fulfillment. Help these young adults to become spiritually mature in your word and in your love, by your grace.”

“Lord, teach them the right way to live. Help them to desire your word and to obey your word.”

I like the specifics of Solomon’s prayer in 2 Chronicles 6 and I think it would be great to pray specific prayers like these out loud over the students in your ministry on a regular basis.

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