Practical “If / Then” Statements in Proverbs 11


I wish I could remember every Proverb every day!

I was reading through Proverbs, chapter 11 today and I thought I might take a shot at trying to summarize some of the positive things a person should strive to do – we should make these part of our daily habits and lifestyles.

You should be grateful for and love discipline, be good, praise the Lord for a great wife, make godly plans, and say good words to others. You should be sensible, care for animals, work hard, be content, listen to good advice, and stay calm when insulted. Always tell the truth, say healing and truthful words, and plan for peace.  Don’t make a show of knowledge, but be a leader, give encouraging words, give good advice to friends, and make use of all you have.

The “if/then” statements in this chapter (and through this wisdom book of Proverbs) are undeniable.

If you don’t do these things, then you will find yourself in these shoes:

You’ll be condemned, never having stability, like cancer in your bones, life like a murderous ambush, your words will disappear. You’ll be despised by others, feel self-important, but have little to show, be cruel, have no sense, be trapped in your own words, always think your way is right, be exposed, be deceitful, and have your fill of trouble. You’ll broadcast your foolishness, be weighed down by worry, be lazy, wasteful, and go down the wrong path.

Indeed, it is good to heed the word of the Lord.


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