People Love “Because”

Tons of people were there because the weather was nice.

We had great success because the team worked so hard.

We met each other partly because she decided on the smaller of two schools.

Because provides the answer when our minds look for the reason. The famous answer to a child’s question, “Because mom or dad says so,” doesn’t always suffice, but it is popular.

Because in Acts

The book of Acts is filled with motivating moments of cause and effect. In Acts 6, the logistics of food distribution were becoming difficult. Some were upset because certain widows were overlooked.

In their discussion, the disciples agreed that it wasn’t right to spend so much time “waiting tables” that they neglected their primary contribution of ministry in the Word. So they decided to choose other leaders.

After praying over the new leaders, the disciples were free to focus on preaching while the newly appointed leaders did a great job of ministry among the people: serving in logistics, strategy, and care. It was a huge win and what happened next is inspiring.

Because the disciples chose others to help lead (essentially delegating and developing others), the word of God spread and the number of disciples grew rapidly in Jerusalem.

Success stories are inspiring

We love because. We see the outcome. We get inspired by what happened before and after. Success stories are inspiring.

The story in Acts 6 inspires us to think about our primary purpose in life, who we might develop, how we might delegate, and what the end goal might be because we take those steps in our own church.

Share the because with your leaders and your people. It’s closely linked with the why, the mission, the purpose, and the inspiring outcome!


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