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At a recent seminar I attended, the speaker talked about three reasons why volunteers are connected in a ministry role: 

1)      Obligation

2)      Opportunity

3)      Ownership


The thought was intriguing to me.  Obligation isn’t bad.  In fact, the reason we are in ministry is because we are so grateful for Christ and what he has done in our lives.  Opportunity isn’t bad either.  Scripture says, “make the most of every opportunity…” (Eph 5:16 / Col 4:5).  Opportunities help us grow, sharpen skills and meet needs for people. 


But ownership is the place we want our team members and volunteers to be. When a person is an owner, he has a different outlook on the purpose and reason for his ministry.  Things happen more effectively and powerfully.  Once a person on your team takes ownership, the desire grows in others.  People get a taste of what it means to find fulfillment in being in the service of the living God in the ministry of the kingdom.  It’s really exhilarating.   


Now, I need to think about how to transfer the ownership.  That’s the tough one.   

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1 thought on “Owners”

  1. Transferring ownership. Hmmmmm. After spending two months with Harvest, I became Harvest. It sounds extreme, but by offering me the opportunity to minister in the manner that God created me to minister in (through singing), Harvest filled a void. Harvest is clearly God’s ministry, and He was the one that offered a portion of it to me. Yep, God-given ownership is what ministries should rely on.
    Every time I have been offered the opportunity to aid Harvest, an overwhelming feeling (a
    “jumping over chairs to be there” sensation) swells inside me. I love Harvest. I don’t think transferring ownership is our responsibility. Rather if a ministry team’s plans and desires are laid out and if people can be brought into the experience for a little while, God will move some to own and nurture the ministry and others to snatch the occasional opportunity.

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